Thursday, November 11, 2010

Candid Camera

Among the local landmarks in Querétaro is an old gringo named Bill, who first rode into town with Black Jack Pershing and liked it so much he decided to stay. He can be found sitting at a cafe on the Plaza de Armas so regularly that you might think he's one of those "living statues." So we had to laugh out loud when we discovered he's been immortalized by Google Street View:

We haven't spent too much time traveling the virtual roadways looking for other prominent locals, crimes in progress, public canoodling, etc, but we'll add a link for "Querétaro Street View" over in the "Things that Begin With Q" section. Readers are invited to send us links to the best stuff they find.


Anonymous said...

No wonder Google was sued, those intrusive cabrones.

Ken Jones said...

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Burro Hall said...

That's one of the worst blogs we've ever seen, Ken.

Ziggy Bombanuts said...

Start of top 10 extreme sports in MX:

1 Ir a Segundas