Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night Lights

As longtime critics of the management of Querétaro's bullring, we've got to give them credit for somehow convincing the same three guys who put on a hell of a show at the season opener in Mexico City last Sunday to come on out here for a rare Friday night bullfight tonight. Magnificently, they're still charging a premium for seats on the shady side, even though the event starts two hours after sunset.

Enrique Ponce was one of the first bullfighters we ever saw, 21 years ago in Madrid. For a long time, he was considered more of a sex symbol than a bullfighter. (Much of the book The Last Serious Thing is taken up by other bullfighters bitching about panties being thrown into the ring when Ponce's fighting.) So it was sobering to see him now as this éminence grise, slightly balding and tired and paunchy-looking, fighting bulls with men half his age.

And then to realize he's four years younger than us.

Update: Review (in Spanish).

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