Monday, November 15, 2010

Great Moments in Resume Inflation

Today's front page carried the startling news that Harvard had awarded scholarships to two thousand queretanos. With the university's average class size being something close to that number, this seemed to us to be very big news: virtually the entire Harvard University Class of 2015 would consist of students from Querétaro, Mexico. But as we were preparing to break the story worldwide, suspicion started creeping in - unless Harvard now offers a degree in Singing the Mexican National Anthem, it seems unlikely that 2,000 kids here would make the cut. So we figured maybe we should read the whole story, not just the headline.

Turns out that the scholarships "to study at Harvard" are actually scholarships to earn a certificate in business administration through a course that uses an online learning tool called Harvard ManageMentor PLUS, developed by Harvard Business Publishing, Inc. We were preparing to argue that this is ever so slightly different than receiving a scholarship to Harvard, but instead we've decided to accept their version and consider it one more reason why Boston and Querétaro should be sister cities. (Yes, we know it's in Cambridge; this not-being-too-nitpicky thing cuts both ways, okay?)

Anyway, this reminded us of an interview our audio/visual division produced out of our Geneva Bureau back in 1999 or so, which we're excerpting here because it always amuses us.


jennifer rose said...

And there have been more than few Mexican politicians, not that I'm going to name names, mind you, who've used the Harvard card rather freely.

Burro Hall said...

Yeah, for a while I thought Harvard offered a "How to Be President Of Mexico" seminar or something.