Thursday, November 18, 2010

Machete Weep

There are six multiplex theaters in Querétaro (or at least, that's how many advertise in the papers), with a total of 72 screens. None are showing Machete, even though it opened in Mexico a week ago.

There are, however, 21 daily showings of Jackass 3D.

Mexico is doomed.


mi said...


Anonymous said...

Machete is almost an independent movie and mexicans are not big fans pf chicano films, because it depict the mexican society in a way is disliked.

You said it yourself, durg lords, violence, ugly bad mexican guy killing everybody.

Have you seen the popular tv shows, all are soup operas and the most popular film was "El Estudiante", an ultra moralist, uber catholic film sponsored by Guanajuato's ultra right conservative government. That is why Machete will arrive, later, in a few screens and for a week.