Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Monument to the Unknown Zihuatanejonian

Down at the bottom of our hill is this larger-than-life plinth, upon which is mounted a slightly smaller-than-life bronze bust, which may just be the saddest public monument we have ever seen in our lives.

The plaque on the front has either been removed, or not yet installed, so we have no idea who this man was, or what he did to deserve such a terrible memorial. Anyone who can identify this man and explain his crimes is invited to do so in comments.


Greg said...

Looks like either Cheech or Chong -- chortling because he's got his hands on some good stuff. No doubt a patriot and pedant. Very odd design indeed. Seems like the sculptor and the cement mafiosi couldn't get their heads together.

Is It This Guy said...

It looks like the staute of El Negro (from previos post) with glasses.

C.M. Mayo said...

My vote goes to Cantinflas.