Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pepe Come Lately

If we could just set aside our Christ-like humility for a moment and pose a non-rhetorical question: Has anyone - anyone - done more to promote Querétaro in the United States than the little blog you hold in your hands at this moment? Two thousand posts over the last four years, in English, for a predominantly American readership, about a Mexican city that probably fewer than two people in a thousand have even heard of, for which we have never received (or solicited) a single peso in compensation nor a word of gracias from city officials, the media or the Church. Not even a Burro Hall Day! But do we ever complain? No! It's a labor of love. The journey is the destination. Etc, etc.

But, boy, Governor José "Pepe" Calzada flies up to El Norte for a few days to pimp for some local plutocrats, and the banner headlines scream "Calzada Promotes Querétaro in United States," as if no one had ever done this before.

And it hurts. Not the members of our Editorial Board, of course - they're in it for the stock options, not the accolades. But the interns are sort of wondering why they should bother showing up tomorrow and, frankly, we don't know what to tell them.

Incidentally, the Guv is "promoting Querétaro in the United States" by visiting the Mexican Ambassador to the US (that's got to be a tough guy for a Mexican governor to get in to see), jawboning with a think-tank guy we interviewed in 2009, long before Calzada was governor, running the New York City Marathon (okay, we wouldn't have done that), and kissing up to the board of directors at Sikorsky. Assuming we're not about to start manufacturing Black Hawk helicopters here any time soon, the biggest accomplishment seems to be the announcement of "Querétaro Month in Washington," which, in typical fashion was announced without any actual Washingtonians in the room, and without specifying exactly which month they were talking about. You can rest assured that once Querétaro Month begins, the only Washintonians who will be aware of it will be the ones who read Burro Hall. Which has been operating for 54 months now. Not that anyone's counting.


Midwesterner in Mexico said...

This is exactly what we were waiting for to help take the edge of this "moving back to the USA" thing.

Burro Hall said...

We accept your generous offer to provide on-the-ground coverage.