Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sábado Gigante (Yes, We Know It's Sunday)

* So while we were away at the beach, America apparently had The Most Historically Important Election Ever, in which the Republicans gained control of the lower house of Congress for the first time in, like, four years. Wow. If, like us, you're relieved to see the Senate still being run by normal people, you apparently have Latinos to thank. Of course, because the teabaggers did worse in heavily-Latino states than the polls had predicted, the crazies are braying about vote fraud. A more plausible explanation is that English-only polling excludes a lot of Spanish speakers. Why won't these people assimilate so we can poll them accurately?

* But now the House subcommittee on immigration will be chaired by a guy who likens Messicans to livestock, so all's well with the world.

* The elections took place on the Day of the Dead, so it's not surprising that four dead people won their elections. Two lost.

* And Tom Tancredo gave his concession speech while "La Bamba," by Mexican-American Ritchie Valenz, played in the background, which has made us totally re-evaluate the guy.

* We offered our PR services to the Zetas years ago, but it seems they saw fit to give that job to a Messican. Which is just fucking typical.

* Mexico inaugurates a new five-lane border crossing for freight trucks entering the Failed State of Arizona. Conspiracy theorists, start your engines.

* In Mexico City, a five year old boy visiting the cemetery with his family on Day of the Dead was killed when a stone cross from another grave fell on top of him. Apparently, this is God's idea of funny.

* If New Yorkers think that assaulting dark-skinned people with an American flag is a novel idea, they need to get up to Boston more often.

* Walking near our hotel in Zihuatanejo, we came across a cat that appeared to have been killed by a car. The next morning we discovered it was still alive, and took it to the local animal shelter, which determined that all they could do was euthanize it. They were really terrific, but so under-funded that they asked us if we could cover the cost of the injections and disposal. You can toss them some cash here, either because you support their mission, or because you feel bad that their acronym in Spanish is SPAZ.

* And in the unlikely event that any readers of this blog are avid golfers living locally, a reader has asked us to mention this charity golf tournament in San Miguel on Nov 26, which is all for a good cause: Casa Hogar. (Though Casa Hogar - "Home House" - is up there with SPAZ in the Unfortunate Names Dept.)

* The New York Times gives a favorable review to Mexican artist Nicolás de Jesús's exhibition in Westchester. Mexican press responds on the front page with a highly favorable review of the New York Times's review.

* According to Conde Nast Traveler, this is Mexico's Moment. And as we've said, it's never been more affordable!

* If you're hungry for Mexicans with neck and face tattoos, Daniel Hernandez has got you covered.

* Chilean miner porn. Literally.


The Mine Swallows said...

“The mine swallowed the 33″ now that is a clever title for a porn movie.

pc said...

It suddenly occurs to me reading that title, La Mina in Chile is a euphemism for a woman. Now it makes a lot more sense.

Anonymous said...

Hello Burro Hall! Excellent blog you have here! I'm a Queretaran living in California, and my family will soon Become eligible for citizenship and yessss! we plan to vote Democrat!!! It's true about the alienation we feel on part of the Republicans and this outrages us. I know we live in a heavily Democratic state, but hopefully we might find residence in a swing state where our vote will matter more, those are future plans, but it is certainly getting harder for Repubs to gain our trust and we're spreading like wildfire! Keep up the good work on the blog, it's worth reading and i'm glad you're enjoying living in Queretaro!

Burro Hall said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I'll try to find you a good realtor in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida as soon as possible. Though if we become Sister Cities with Boston, you could move up there and vote against Scott Brown in 2012. And if you have any family still down here, bring them up North with you (mostly because we need the parking spaces).

Linda Lovelace said...

"It suddenly occurs to me reading that title"


The train she is a moving bery, bery slow today.

Anonymous said...

The cardboard base to the fence should lower the overall cost significantly. If not enough cardboard is available when they start building, they can get some flattened cardboard from recycling centers and create hundreds of jobs for people who can reconstruct the box shapes and tape them together with duct tape. Good thinking! Safety along the border AND job creation all at once!

Anonymous said...

And you made fun of BIMBO, which today paid more than 900 million for Esther Lee. (or was it Deborah Lee?)

Anonymous said...

"...La Mina in Chile is a euphemism for a woman..."

La encontró en el bulín y en otros brazos...
Sin embargo, canchero y sin cabrearse,
le dijo al gavilán: "Puede rajarse;
el hombre no es culpable en estos casos."

Y al encontarse solo con la mina,
pidió las zapatillas y ya listo,
le dijo cual si nada hubiera visto:
"Cebame un par de mates, Catalina."

La mina, jaboneada, le hizo caso
y el varón, saboreándose un buen faso,
la siguió chamuyando de pavadas...

Y luego, besuqueándole la frente,
con gran tranquilidad, amablemente,

le fajó treinta y cuatro puñaladas.