Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* The Week in Cheesecake: Unemployed Mexicana flight attendants hope their semi-naked pin-up calendar will save the airline, which is not the wost idea we've heard; Jennifer Aniston celebrates Thanksgiving in the traditional Mexican way; Governor Calzada's wife + black top + white bra + powerful flash = Burro Hall 2011 pin-up calendar's Miss January.

* Large Hispanic man assaults president of the United States. Meet Fox News Latino's new host for the 8pm time slot.

* Given the considerable - say, 100% - overlap between Immigrant Haters and Climate Change Deniers, this is going to be pretty funny when it happens.

* Mexican Census results in handy infographic form.

* Mexican activists end White House hunger strike before anyone knows it's started.

* In Querétaro, even our high-profile political kidnappings end happily!

* Murder City sounds like it's worth reading if someone gives you a free copy and pays you to review it.

* We've said this 100 times, but while the drug violence gets all the attention, it's Mexico's drivers who are the real threat. Even the pros are at risk here.

* And if you want to reduce your risk of being attacked by terrorists, there's only one country in North America you ought to avoid.

* This exact thing happened to us last month, only instead of an ambulance it was a moving van, and instead of a dying loved one we were transporting a bed. But is was still annoying.

* This year, 350 tons of cocaine and 15,000 tons of pot will glide across the US-Mexico border undetected, while the Border Patrol is busy searching Willie Nelson's tour bus.

* And meanwhile, Mexicans are perfecting their tunnel-crawling-robot technology.

* England's not the only country planning a royal wedding, by the way.

* Some more cool old Mexican photos on Flickr. And a snapshot of life in Querétaro before the Revolution ruined everything.

* Another result of the Mexican Revolution: Mexican-Americans! And back then, coming over the border in search of a better way of life wasn't illegal, so everybody loves those guys.

* An amiga of ours, braving the Minnesota winter to help make Americans smarter.

* La Casa del Atrio is now officially excellent.

* Tequila distillery Hacienda La Capilla introduces a new $3.5 million bottle, guaranteed to get Selma Hayek into bed with you.

* The Mexican Hamburger of Denver. Guaranteed to keep Tom Tancredo out of your bed.

* And not a word about the Failed State of Arizona...

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