Friday, November 12, 2010

Sucker Birthrate Increases to 1/Min.

No doubt panicked by critics who say Burro Hall is a greater asset to Querétaro-American relations than the Calzada Administration, the governor and his media handmaidens struck back hard today, announcing an enormous, $300 million American investment "as a result of the tour of the United States."

(Yes, respectable newspapers do use the word "gringo" in headlines.)

And who is this American company that has promised to drop 300 Large on building a plant in Querétaro - a plant said to promise the creation of at least 500 jobs? Um, well, uh....the governor can't tell us, for "reasons of privacy." But really, trust us, our little junket has netted a third-of-a-billion dollars. Seriously. No bullshit. You'll see. And hey, pay no attention to anything you read on the internets.

The mystery plant ground-breaking ceremony is expected to be the highlight of Querétaro Month in Washington, which is scheduled for...


Anonymous said...

Did you photoshop that headline? ;)

Burro Hall said...

No, though I did move it up slightly higher on the page, over a banner photo of the mayor's wife lighting a christmas tree.