Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turns Out, You Can Go Home Again

Last weekend, pretty much every news outlet on Earth ran with the story about the entire population of Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, abandoning the town after certain middle men in the Colombia-to-America Cocaine Supply Chain suggested they might want to do so.

Getting somewhat less attention is the fact that, after five days - less time than we spent in Zihuatanejo - they're heading back. Citizens will no longer be required to move in slow motion, as seen in the above video, and the sad, operatic music being piped throughout the city will cease at 12:01AM on Thursday. So all's well that ends well.


Magical Town said...

I wonder if Sr. Burro is taking his next vacation in El Pueblo Mágico ?


Cd. Victoria, Tam.- Aún cuando el Estado ha revelado que las fuerzas armadas han tomado el control de Ciudad Mier por el éxodo de cientos de familias ante la inseguridad, el secretario de Turismo en Tamaulipas, Javier Villareal Terán pide que turistas visiten al “Pueblo Mágico”.

Considero que el gobierno estatal y federal ha hecho un trabajo titánico.

Villareal Terán afirmo que las autoridades turistas quieren que Mier retome sus tradiciones y que siga siendo un pueblo con magia.

“"Por eso invito a la gente que visite ciudad Mier, porque aun sigue siendo un pueblo magico".

Burro Hall said...

We hear it's never been more affordable.

Mexfiles said...

That's the magic part of the Puelgo Mágico -- the vanishing act is not to be missed. said...

CIUDAD MIER, MEXICO - A new Mexican troop buildup in Mier has to do with five Mexican Army soldiers captured by the Zetas.

This is according to Gary J. Hale, the former Chief of Intelligence for the Drug Enforcement Agency in Houston.

He says the Zetas didn't just capture those soldiers on Monday but they also killed four more soldiers. He says the Mexican military is going into Mier tonight partly as payback.

Burro Hall said...

I'm not sure why ol' Chuck bothers to maintain a blog, since his flying monkeys just republish all his links in my comments section anyway.

But hey, if you can't trust a single-source story from a retired DEA guy in Arlington, VA, trying to cash in on the chaos, well who can you trust?