Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Urchin Goes Viral

The Alameda park is featuring another one of its constantly-rotating exhibitions of bad patriotic art this month, but there was one picture in the lot that caught our eye - by which we mean it made us slam on the brakes and almost cause a pile-up on Constituyentes.

For a kid who can't actually play the accordion, he's becoming something of an icon, no? The title is "And Give Him the Same," by Alfredo Morlet Mata, who the Google leads us to believe may direct a lot of short films about transvestites. Tucked in behind Li'l Jesús is Miguel Hidalgo, the father of Mexican Independence. We'll bet a week's wages the kid wouldn't know that.

Anyway, it's nice to see the city spending some money to commission artists to produce a painting like this and to display it on public property in the center of town. Now if only they'd do something about the fact that a seven-year-old boy spends his fucking days playing the fucking accordion for money in the center of town. Maybe they can erect a statute of the boy in the middle of Plaza de Armas. Still, great painting.


Tony Soprano said...

The kids needs to seek an attorney to sue the artist and city for not paying the kid before using his picture in these posters.

I will talk to Gloria Alred and see if she is interested in his cause.

Burro Hall said...

If not, she can always sue whoever taught you to write in English.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is not some sort of very sophisticated marketing campaign? First I see major newspaper coverage of your boy's new gig complete with full page photos, then sustained promotion in Burro Hall, and now public art? This kid just may be a self-made media phenomenon -- and marketing genius. I mean, he can't even play the instrument! Do not sell him short.

Burro Hall said...

I thought the way he bum-rushed the stage during Taylor Swift's set at the CMAs last week seemed suspiciously orchestrated.