Saturday, November 27, 2010

¿Why is this Night Different from all Other Nights?

Next Friday, Temple Emanuel in nearby Andover, MA (population: 98.2% non-Latino), presents "Maccabi Goes Mariachi," a very special Chanukah service featuring the the Old World stylings of Mariachi Mexico Lindo. Puttin' the "Manuel" back in "Emanuel," so to speak.

Yes, we have all the same questions you do.


victor said...

yea,cool, but more important, what program gives you the up side down question mark? I assume you have the exclamation point also...I have never noticed this before whilst reading you. How do I do it!

Burro Hall said...

Not being the most technically adept person in the world, I cheat by cutting and pasting them from this page, even though the whole purpose of that page is to tell you how to make them yourself.

Dave said...

Just really hard to imagine. The only comparable thing I can think of is the "polka mass" around here, but that's not even close.

And thanks for the alt key link. I alternate between the extra energy of searching out the right character or symbol and using the "close enough" method.

s said...

Wow, this makes my shul's "latkes and lights" event look like it lacks imagination...

Anonymous said...


Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options >> Languages >> Text Services and Input Languages >> Details >> Installed Services >> Add >> Input Language >>Down Arrow opens up choices

I like Spanish(Traditional Sort); you then toggle between an English and Spanish keyboard(with all that fancy sh¡t) by hitting Alt + Shift. The current choice displays in something called the Language Bar which is next to the clock/tray icons on the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

You can get labels for your keyboard, or you could just print out the image, and keep it handy.

See that key to the right of the ñ? That's how you add an accent to a letter: hit that key first(nothing appears to happen), then hit the letter you want to have an accent, and it prints that way.

¡Órale, vato!

Mexfiles said...

I use a spanish-language keyboard, so it's not an issue for me, but holding down the "AL" key and typing "0191" on the number pad will give you "¿". Kinda tricky, since it's a two finger operation.

Mexfiles said... "AL" = "ALT"