Monday, December 27, 2010

Crime Blotter

That "spillover" of Mexican violence into the United States we keep being warned about is totally gonna happen one of these days. Just not right now.

El Paso, a sprawling southwest Texas city of 700,000 residents, was named the safest city of its size in the United States for the first time, and it is on track to close out 2010 with just five murders....killings that include a murder suicide and a killing at a bar at around closing time -- routine crimes for any U.S. city.

But just over the shallow concrete trench of the Rio Grande in Ciudad Juarez, more than 3,000 people have been tortured, shot and blasted to death in gang warfare this year, clinching its grim reputation as the world's most dangerous city.

But then this is what happens when you ship all your guns south of the border.

Meanwhile, here in Querétaro, the government has announced that of the 14,000 calls received every week by 066 (which is Mexican for 911) 2,800 of them are prank calls. That is, to put it mildly, an awful lot of people taking time out of their busy day to pick up the phone and punk The Man. And the number usually rises during the holidays - 'tis the season to be jolly, and all.

(Of course, to give you an idea about the reliability of statistics around here, two and a half years ago the government said that 066 received just 1,000 calls a week, with 90 [!] percent of them being pranks.)

The article ends by saying that the 066 folks are "trying to find a way to identify the numbers from which these prank calls are coming." We suggest the Motorola cordless phone we picked up at Costco for about 30 bucks - displays the incoming call right there on the handset.


Anonymous said...

OK then, I get it. El Paso is chock-full of Mexicans, and they all have guns, but there were only 5 murders this year. But, when those El Paso Mexicans send their AMERICAN guns to the Ciudad Juarez Mexicans, they all go berserk and kill 3,000.

It must be America's fault, right? Unlike the El Paso Mexicans, those Ciudad Juarez Mexicans just can't help themselves when somebody puts a gun in their hands. They just have to run around and kill everybody. The Yankee devil made them do it.

GeorgeArthur said...

To anonymous 1...

Yankee devil wants to smoke pot, but prohibits it, so illegally buy it from Mexicans in search for easy money, providing money to criminals (since it is illegal to plant it), since it is illegal they need to defend themselves from cops, but since Mexico produce no guns they must buy them from Yankee devil, which not only imports illegal drugs, transport illegal money and exports illegal guns.

So yes, there is A LOT of fault by the Yankee devil.

As long as there is demand there will be offer, and if the mexican authorities gets harder on the pursuit the criminal will become harder too, there is two ways, make the drugs really illegal in the USA (jail for consumers too not silly punishment) or legalize it.

Burro Hall said...

Anonymous has that protests-too-much tone of a man with a guilty conscience, doesn't he? I was about to launch into an explanation of how the higher death toll might have something to do with the ongoing fight between criminal gangs and the army over drug sales to the yanqui devils rather than some flaw in the Mexican character, but then I realized Anon is probably just being willfully obtuse for the sake of argument. Anyway, I'll alert the mayor of El Paso that his city is chock full of gun-toting Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

If el Paso is that safe, is because a big fat narco fish lives there.

On Mexican Time said...

Anonymous just has your typical rant going on...No creative thinking there.

066 is a joke - sad to say. Our neighbours house alarm was going off, and they called 066 to be told they were on their way. 40 minutes later...

Anonymous said...

In Texas, any citizen or resident over 18 years can purchase a hand gun or a long gun. No permit is required. In Mexico, a citizen requires a permit issued by the Army to acquire and own a hand gun or long gun. These permits are difficult and expensive to obtain. Only certain caliber weapons are allowed and the amount of ammunition one can have is also limited.

Mexico claims that weapons coming from the US are a large cause of the death toll in Ciudad Juarez. How come these same weapons in the hands of residents of El Paso don't seem to be causing any problems? Is it the water in Mexico?

Burro Hall said...

It could possibly have to do with the fact that rival gangs in El Paso are not fighting with each other for the chance to supply their neighboring country's insatiable drug addiction, nor is the US Army being pressured by its neighboring country to declare open war on those gangs.

Or the water. Could totally be the water.

Anonymous said...

When will the Americans stop sending machetes to Mexico !!!!

American machetes are being used by drug cartels to dismember human beings !!!!

Stop the machete !!!!

The Americans are also responsible for the corrupt police and government of Mexico !!!!!

Pinche gringos !!!!

Anonymous said...

The best estimate is that only one-half of the marijuana in the US is brought in from Mexico. Most of the rest is grown domestically in the US. From a dollar standpoint, US grown mota produces about 10 times the revenue as Mexican weed. Mexican dirt-weed is only 4% THC, while US hybrid grass is up to 30% THC and commands 10 times the price on the street.

So if these domestic suppliers have to grow, transport and distribute weed in the US and deal with the same territorial disputes as anybody else, how come they are as quiet as churchmice? Meanwhile the Mexican's are on a rampage. Maybe it is the water down there. Or, may be it is because Mexico has a corrupt, immoral society where impunity from the rule of law lets the most base animal instincts of its people reign supreme.

No commenter here has yet to provide a more cogent answer as to why the two societies, US and Mexico, behave so differently when operating in the same illegal business.

Burro Hall said...

Obviously it's because Mexicans are smoking weed with only one-seventh as much THC as the gringos, so they're not as mellow, dude.

Also, the water.

Anonymous said...

No commenter here has yet to provide a more cogent answer as to why the two societies, US and Mexico, behave so differently when operating in the same illegal business.


It's because the Americans have oppressed the Mexican for decades, get a clue !!!!

It's the pinche gavachos fault !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hernán Cortés was an American? Who knew?