Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great Moments in Historical Airbrushing

Whatever one thinks of Father Marcial Maciel, it's hard to deny that he was the founder and spiritual leader of the Legion of Christ. Okay, so he had his share of controversy - an ardent belief in the virtues of Fascism, decades of sexual abuse accusations, and fathering more children than priests are generally allowed, just to name a few. His lifelong bromance with John Paul II kept him out of trouble, but once the new guy (who, we never tire of noting, was never technically a member of the Nazi Party) took over, an anti-Maciel inquisition began. Earlier this week, the Vatican decided that one can, in fact, deny he was the founder and spiritual leader of the Legion of Christ.

New changes – which are the result of ongoing dialogue between the leaders of the religious order and lay movement – mandate that significant days related to Fr. Marciel's birth, baptism, and priestly ordination can no longer be celebrated by members.

The founder will also be referred to simply as “Fr. Maciel” instead of “Nuestro Padre” (our father) and his personal writings and talks will no longer be available for purchase at Legionary publishing houses or centers.

New norms also require that photos of Fr. Marciel either alone or with the Pope be removed from Legionary and Regnum Christi buildings.

So there you go - problem solved! Hey, look, the pope's palming a basketball!


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