Monday, December 13, 2010


We make it our habit to laugh off most religious mumbo-jumbo as superstitious nonsense, including, the the horror of our Mexican amigos, the Virgen de Guadalupe. But we have to admit to a brief "come to Jesus" moment when we read about yesterday's bullfight in Mexico City, which, because it fell on her Feast Day, was dedicated to the VdeG herself.

There's a VdeG Day tradition that you're supposed to do something nice (we forget what - sing "Happy Birthday," or give them a kiss?) for anyone you meet named Guadalupe. And so it was that on VdeG Day, in Mexico City (home of the VdeG's Basilica), a bull named Guadalupano - translating roughly as "affiliated with Guadalupe" - performed so magnificently that it received an extremely rare pardon and will live out the rest of his happy life having sex with as many cows as he can handle.

About the only thing that tainted the sheer fucking Mexicanismo of the moment was that the bullfighter, Sebastián Castella, is actually French. But then bullfighters are a particularly religious lot, and we imagine a Mexican would have balked at killing an animal named Guadalupano on Dec. 12.

Of course, despite having ample opportunity, Guadalupano did not leave an image of himself inside Castella's cape, so we can go back to deriding the VdeG as holy hokum.

But still. Weird.

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