Monday, December 13, 2010

Happiness Is a Warm, Poorly-Regulated Texas Gun

A couple of days ago we snidely suggested that a recent study finding no increase in violence in the areas around gun shows in Texas might have been skewed by the fact that the guns were probably all headed to Mexico. The Washington Post today offers yet more proof that this is probably the case.

A year-long investigation by The Washington Post has cracked that secrecy and uncovered the names of the top 12 U.S. dealers of guns traced to Mexico in the past two years.

Eight of the top 12 dealers are in Texas, three are in Arizona, and one is in California. In Texas, two of the four Houston area Carter's Country stores are on the list, along with four gun retailers in the Rio Grande Valley at the southern tip of the state. There are 3,800 gun retailers in Texas, 300 in Houston alone.

Of course, it's unfair just to shit on Texas, since two of the top three worst offenders are located in the Failed State of Arizona.

We hear so much about the horrific Mexican violence taking place right on our border, but maybe there's a reason that the closer you get to the US, the more dangerous Mexico becomes.

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Anonymous said...

Academy is a pretty big chain store. Time to start a boycott of that place.