Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Illegal Illegals

Proving once and for all that literally everything can be counterfeited in Mexico (nah, we're just teasing - we're sure the Learjets will turn out just fine), authorities in Querétaro are warning citizens to beware of counterfeit illegal aliens ("indocumentados piratas") begging for money in the streets. It seems that 60 percent of the people claiming to be Central Americans passing through on their way to the US are actually Mexicans from neighboring states. So that's one more way the US and Mexico are alike - in both countries, the majority of the illegal aliens are Mexican.

This is one of those stories where we're left wanting a lot more information, and we can't tell whether it's bad reporting or if they just leave this stuff out because Mexicans would know the answer anyway. Specifically, we're pretty sure it's not illegal to ask people on the street for money (if it is, then the Plaza de Armas here is swarming with criminals every evening). But it is illegal to be an illegal alien. So it would seem that people are engaging in a legal activity, but then dishonestly claiming to be criminals. (And indeed, that 60 percent number refers to people who were detained by Immigration officials - who do not typically run around arresting panhandlers.) Why not just say you need the money because you're disposing of a dead body and need to buy more lye?

It's also not clear whether pretending to be an illegal alien is actually a crime. The article ends with a local congressman vowing to "apply the full weight of the law" to the fake illegals - just as soon as someone figures out what exactly that might mean.


victor said...


masthead and photo...fab!!!

Anonymous said...

Illegal illegals sounds like a doble negativo, which means they are legal?

JLTan said...

Counterfeit illegal aliens? Why would somebody pretend to be illegal? Are they hoping to get deported? They risk ending up becoming stateless if they do. Maybe that justifies being qualified to become an "asylum seeker" or a "refugee".