Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Imagine If Louisiana Was An Entire Country

The hometown paper has a nice English summary of one of the better political tales here this year, and a great window on the current state of Mexican politics. The 5-peso summary is that the government arrested a bunch of officials in the state of Michoacán last year on various drug-cartel related charges, including congressman-elect Julio César Godoy, whose half-brother is the governor. This was widely seen as a political vendetta, and most of the charges were eventually dropped for lack of evidence, but not against Godoy, who is accused of laundering millions of dollars for La Familia (which has been engaged in a spectacular running street battle with the army for most of the past week) and who, earlier this month, somehow managed to slip past the ring of police stationed around the Congress to intercept him, went inside, and got sworn in as a Congressman - one of the perks of which is... immunity from prosecution! (As a nice bonus, Godoy is allegedly connected to a Familia leader named La Tuta, a former school teacher who was just discovered to still be on the Education Ministry's payroll, and no one can figure out how to get him off it.) Today the Congress stripped Godoy of his immunity, but of course he's now on the lam again.

It's funny to think of how much time and money was spent prosecuting the Clintons for Whitewater, isn't it?

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Tony Soprano said...

If nothing else, someone can make an award winning movie about this corrupt mexican politican.

Julio César Godoy still has not reached the "sucess" of Brazil's Ex-Senate leader Jader Barbalho who stole billions while in office.

"Manda Bala"