Sunday, December 12, 2010

La Santísima

Today's Virgin of Guadalupe Day - a rare opportunity to hear church bells, fireworks, and the tone-deaf harmonizing of thousands of pilgrims parading through the Centro.

Only one of these people is thought to be imaginary.

Despite the Virgin's magical ability to protect us all from harm, the state of Querétaro is in military lockdown today because of some rather crazy fighting going on in Morelia. The fact that Morelia is 175 miles away should mean that the Virgin's blessing is protection enough, but apparently faith only gets you so far around here.


La Familia De Michoacan said...

The is nothing happening in Apatzingan, Michoacan except some pre-christmas fireworks.

The only dangerous state in North America is Arizona where they carry knives !!!!

Burro Hall said...

In Oaxaca, they've just built an ice rink.

Que Viva La Familia said...

Que Viva La Familia Michoacana !!

Burro Hall said...

Los merengues son sencillas y saludables!!

Anonymous said...

In the entrances of the city (Carretera Celaya, SLP, MEX and others) there are policie and soldiers stopping all entering cars, and checking even the tires. Some paranoia, but still I approved, so far Queretaro has been quite safe.