Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mascotas Perdidas

Because puppies make excellent Christmas gifts - particularly if it's your own puppy who's been missing for several weeks - we thought we'd run another collection of "Lost Dog" flyers from around the Centro. Click for larger photos if you need the details.

Negrita. "Please help me get home. I'm sick, and they miss me very much."

Otto. "Doesn't know how to walk in the street."

Chiquitilina. This flyer makes reference to this missing dogs site.

Panchito. "I'm sick and need medicine and special care." His owners also printed up a very large vinyl version of this flyer, which probably cost more than the reward (we assume that's 1000 pesos).

It's not just doggies that wander off sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Otto is shacking up with Negrita and Chiquitilina, Panchito is very jealous of Otto.

Lena said...


Una amiga hace cuestión de dos semanas se encontró un cachorro por la calle (raza neidentificada)y aún lo tiene. Optó por quedárselo, no llevaba ni collar y tampoco vimos ningún anuncio de que alguien lo estuviera buscando. Bueno... en este caso, mejor.
A raíz de esto, busqué info sobre qué hacer si me encuentro una mascota perdida y encontré este artículo que me parece muy útil. Lo comparto con vosotros. Ayudemos los animales!

Burro Hall said...

Gracias, Lena!