Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Perro Has His Teeth Cleaned: Day 3 of Our Round-the-Clock Coverage

Here he is, still slightly dazed, wondering "what kind of depraved, heartless bastard gases a cute little doggie unconscious and pulls out two of his teeth?" You can see the little gap where his lower front tooth was removed at a cost of $94, even though it probably would have fallen out on its own by the end of the year.

We know it looks like we're reverting to an all-cute-puppy-pictures format. First of all, that's by popular demand - our in-box is overflowing - but also, we're a little busy preparing some of the interns to cross back into the Mexican Killing Fields for the holidays, and as you all know there's little margin for error there.


Dave said...

Glad to see he's recovering....looks a bit brighter in the eyes than the last picture, but still, he has that vaguely vindictive look about him. I'd be careful about turning my back on him for a while.

Awesome reporting as always, on subjects of vital importance to, er, some of us.

Danger Dog said...

How many people has this vicious Pit-Bull killed and mauled before having his teeth removed?

Anonymous said...

Man, you are so unlucky because in Mexico, you reside in a relatively little town, Querétaro. If you were in México City you could get the best vet service at the National University's Veterinary School's hospital. In addition, there are many world class veterinarians and facilities there, so you wouldn't need to pay all that money.

Jorge Arturo said...

Anonymous is the classic Mexico City is everything in the world Chilango, a million people city is small town.

There are those services in Queretaro too, and if you want to go to the facutly of a university go to Juriquilla's UAQ Vet Faculty, they are really good too.

Also there is the Hospital Veterinario de Especialidades in Queretaro and a ton of other vets and places in the city.