Friday, December 31, 2010

Querétaro's Media: Speaking Truth to Power

Plaza de Armas the local paper that started publishing six months ago, has - in our humble opinion at least - turned out to the best paper in town. But, man, that's sure not saying a lot. Today, after half a year of hagiographic coverage of the governor and his family, PdeA performed a year-ending act of journalistic cunnilingus by courageously awarding its 2010 Person Of The Year to the governor's wife, Sandra Albarrán de Calzada!

Some of our coverage of Señora Calzada's tenure as the head of DIF can be found here, here, here and here. But lest you think she's all work and no play, PdeA also has a year-end round up for "The Best Parties of 2010." And of the ten accompanying photographs five (5) show 2010's Person Of The Year, Sandra Albarrán de Calzada.

Where does she find the time?

Oh, in a completely unrelated matter, we mentioned a few weeks ago that our perro's accordion-playing namesake street urchin had seemed to have disappeared. He still hasn't surfaced, but don't worry, the city has brought in another seven-year-old kid to sit outside the governor's office playing accordion for money.

Happy 2011 from everyone at Burro Hall.

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