Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sábado Gigante

* Last week we were lauding the entrepreneurial spirit of this teenage cartel hitman. We should have known that anyone that ambitious and hard-working would turn out to be an American.

* Much as we like to believe we're the best New Yorkers blogging about their experiences in Mexico, this chick sounds way more interesting.

* Like tobacco companies, drug traffickers want to appeal to kids.

* The Quintana Roo state legislature unanimously passed an anti-trafficking law. Meanwhile, Querétaro's law has been stalled in committee for more than six months.

* Mexican migrants pay $53 billion a year in US taxes. Couple that with their ardent Christianity, and the way the Republicans have succeeded in alienating them is actually quite impressive.

* For instance, their insistence, despite a complete absence of evidence, that illegal immigrants are actually Hezbollah agents in disguise. Heroic!

* But still, that's no excuse for something as lame as the "Tequila Party."

* The Failed State of Arizona is trying to make amends, bless them. The Arizona State Museum is holding an exhibit on Mexican history, and the Phoenix Tequilafest comes to the US Airways Center next weekend. But our FSoAZ travel advisory is still in effect. If the Mexican wolves don't get you, the GOP death panels will. Come to Mexico instead - everybody else is. And our air travel is safe again!

* Although, most emphatically, not all forms of air travel.

* Where to find AA Meetings in Mexico.

* With just 853 executions, November was the least-deadly month of 2010 (not counting February, which cheated by being only 28 days long). So it really feels like the drug war is turning a corner.

* The Onion, 2010: "As Chief Of Police, I Believe Even 500 Murders Is Too Many." Houston Police Dept, 2007: "Even if the number ... for 2006 hits 400 it's not a bleak picture for Houston."

* According to the Mexican government, the best-paying career in Mexico (excluding drug lord, telenovela star or politician) is...physicist? Which pays...$16,000 a year? Shit, it never occurred to us that we were overpaying the interns.

* It took Machete over two months to make it to Mexico, but Waiting for Superman is already in theaters? We swear, we could live in this country for 100 years and still not understand the place.


victor said...

I have had the story about the hooker/teacher in my peripheral vision for a couple of days,no se de donde, Huffington Post,Daily Beast, but it took your astute eye to make me actually realize what I was missing. Fear not, you remain the king of bloggers from NYC.

Burro Hall said...

If you'd ever seen me working the pole, you'd think differently.


like this

TonyTamaulipas said...

I wish I had strippers for teachers when I was in school. The catholic nuns I had for teachers were brutal, sadistic and ugly !!!