Tuesday, December 28, 2010

¡Sí, Se Puede!

Though the count is wildly unofficial, the media's Drug War Body Count just passed 10,000 for the year - which, if it's any consolation to the Mexican people, just might be a world record of some kind. To give you a sense of how big a number that is, the title banner at the top of this page has 10,000 little notches in it.

But the street price of cocaine is dropping again, so it's all been worth it. Here's to 2011!


Anonymous said...

Time to seriously consider legalization of drugs. The prohibition has caused way to much violence and the drug flow up north continues. My prediction for 2011, the US will continue to consume tons and tons drugs. Hence, the demand for their joy pills will be happily supplied by drug cartels. While, the Mexican and US governments put a brave face to a failed policy.

Anonymous said...

I agree on legalization, I even want to sing that Family Guy song about weed, stop that false war on drugs, people has the right to consume whatever they want. The government is not a parent to prohibit stuff like that.