Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Teenage Crime Wave!

The bad news just keeps pummeling Querétaro. Just days after the news that kidnappings reached an all time high of five in 2010, we learn that officals here are very concerned about the 32% rise in juvenile delinquency this year. Ninety-three kids have been processed through juvenile court this year, and 24 have been convicted of crimes. Twelve - 12! - teenagers have been busted for drugs.

Did we mention Querétaro's population is 1.5 million? We're pretty sure 12 kids in our high school class had been busted for drugs at some point.

And when you consider that just three years ago it was being reported that every single child in Querétaro was addicted to drugs, 12 is a hell of an improvement.
    (Tangential Lament About the Reliability of Statistical Information Here: The article also notes that there are three minors in custody for kidnapping. Assuming this is true, we have a hard time reconciling that with the statistic that there are have been five kidnappings this year - presumably, the vast majority of kidnappers are over 18. So are all three kids involved in one kidnapping? Are 60% of Querértaro's kidnappings carried out by minors? Since all four of the "resolved" kidnappings ended in death, why aren't the kids up for accessory to murder? Or have there in fact been more than five kidnappings? We think the last option the most likely, though even if this number is off by a factor of 20 it's still lower than the US average.

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