Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Twin Sisters

In our capacity as Queretaro's semi-official Sister Cities representative, we received an official inquiry a couple of years ago from the people of Tyler, TX. We sent a very cordial response, offering to send a delegation - at Tyler's expense, of course - at their earliest convenience. We never heard back. So it was a little galling to come across this article eariler today.

Tyler Sister Cities representatives and city officials welcomed their newest Sister City Friday during a twinning ceremony with a delegation from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

"It is a glorious day and a great occasion to welcome our newest Sister City to Tyler," Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass said at the ceremony in the Sister Cities Garden in front of City Hall. "We are extremely overwhelmed to welcome San Miguel de Allende."

The Tyler Police Department Color Guard presented the American and Mexican flags as the country's respective national anthems played in the cool breeze Friday morning.

Seriously? They dumped us - without even a callback - for San Miguel? A town overrun half the of year by, well, Texans? It's like Minneapolis becoming sister cities with St. Paul.


Mexfiles said...

While Tyler may be slightly redeemed by being the birthplace of Dooley Wilson, it's also the home of batshit crazy Louie Gomert and is named for the U.S. president who annexed Mexico. Really not a good fit for Queretaro.

Burro Hall said...

Well, he annexed Texas, anyway. I have to admit, there's a nice symmetry to a Mexican town with too many Texans pairing up with a town named for the guy who annexed Texas from Mexico.

Mostly, I'm just pissed we didn't even get a chance to junket up there.

Mexfiles is not perfect said...

Annexed Mexico... DOH!!!! I know what I meant