Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Earthquake

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Port au Prince earthquake that killed 200,000 people including a small but as of this writing still unknown number of Mexicans. New reports in the first couple weeks after the quake put the number of confirmed dead at two, including a woman from Querétaro. The number of missing ranged from a high of 131 down to the lowest (and most recent) number we could find: 14.

To us, the most amazing thing about that number is that it's dated Jan 26, 2010, and so far the Research Dept. hasn't been able to find anything more current. One of the kind of endearing things about Mexico is the media's habit of making every story All About Mexico (see, for instance, the coverage of Barry Bond's home run record, which focused on how many Mexican pitchers he [and also Hank Aaron] lit up). So it's kinda stunning to us that 14 missing paisanos, or the happy discovery of the same, would simply drop from the headlines for 50 weeks. Weirder still, we can find no mention in today's coverage of even the two confirmed victims. In fact, the only stab at a "Mexican angle" we could find was this account of some Haitians who relocated to Mexico.

Anyone with better or more up-to-date figures is welcome to share.

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