Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Frame-Up

The latest entry in the "who, if anyone, kidnapped Jefe Diego?" sweepstakes turns out to be our old pals the EZLN. Or at least, that's the story. We haven't been able to locate the full communique (which doesn't appear on any of the official Zapatista sites), but apparently someone signing himself “El Guerrero Balam" sent a missive to the EFE news agency yesterday claiming to be a close subordinate of Subcomandante Marcos, and explaining that the "Global Transformation Network" (which had earlier claimed responsibility) is in fact the military arm of the the EZLN's "Other Campaign" political (or, more accurately, apolitical) movement.

Nothing would surprise us at this point, but color us extremely skeptical. The Zapatistas haven't fired a shot in anger since January 1(note the coincidental date), 1994, and have never been a criminal organization; $30 million is a lot of money for anyone, but the EZLN isn't exactly hurting for contributions (mostly foreigners); and "The Other Campaign," while possibly naive or stupid (by urging their followers not to vote, they pretty much handed the election to Calderón - see also Nader, Ralph: 2000 presidential campaign of), has been their ticket to relative mainstream acceptance - not the kind of thing they need to fuck up by kidnapping prominent political figures.

"Marco" means "frame" in Spanish, and it looks to us like that's what's happening here.

At the same time, our editorial board is spending the rest of the afternoon working on its alibi for the day of the kidnapping.

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