Thursday, January 13, 2011

From the Journal of Parental Recklessness

We saw a story a few days ago about a town in Puebla called La Magdalena Tlatlauquitepec. Typical Mexican hard-luck story - poor, mostly indigenous, most of the able-bodied folks having moved out over the years, those left behind wholly dependent on some arcane, low-paying activity. In the case of La Magdelena Whatever, most of the women make a living packaging fireworks for about 8 cents per thousand, or about 50 bucks a week. The good news is that the work can be done at home. The bad news is that the work involves thousands upon thousands of fireworks. In the accompanying photo we see the kitchen of the house where Eusebia Sánchez Miranda, 36, lives with her seven children. The makeshift hammock/crib allows her to keep an eye on the youngest while she works. And hey, what could possibly go wrong?

We're not even going to bother to ask about the car-seat situation.


Anonymous said...

I'm mexican and I'm scared to go 50 km near that house!

Anonymous said...

At least her neighbor isn't a gun crazed Arizonan.