Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hi Mom!

Fresh off their exclusive, front-page coverage of CNN Mexico's website's use of a photo of a newsstand in which their paper is visible, the hits just keep coming for our local paper, Plaza de Armas. Yesterday, their front page screamed their exclusive headline - that the chairman of the PRI political party would be in Querétaro this coming Saturday for a meeting of the state party committee!!! Okay, so we added those exclamation points for ironic effect. Querétaro is a city about the size of San Francisco. Isn't there anything else to report on? We can't imagine "Reince Priebus to Visit City This Weekend" as banner headline in the Chronicle. (We do remember once being in Malone, NY, with our old employer, and waking up to see, on the front page of that morning's Malone Telegram, the headline "Mike Wallace Finds News Here," but Malone has a population of 14,000, if you don't count the prisoners. Eight thousand if you don't count the people who are just there buy meth.)

But so hey, it was probably a slow news day.

Except that yesterday the head of the state party committee said, uh, yeah, sure, the chairman will be at the meeting, prompting the PdeA to run another front-page story announcing that yesterday's front-page "party functionary to attend party function" story has been confirmed!!! (Seriously, the headline above the headline says "Plaza de Armas's Exclusive Confirmed.") Next to the story (which of course ran above a photo of Plaza de Armas's 2010 Person of the Year Sandra Calzada Albarrán) is a column by the paper's editorial director patting itself on the back for its scoop. The story continues on page 3. The self-congratulatory editorial director's column continues on page 2.

Anyway, we're far too modest do this ourselves, but if all of you were to send the link for this post ( to Plaza de Armas's editorial director at, we're pretty sure we could get Burro Hall on page one - which is the reason for the somewhat incongruous headline here; it would be a really nice treat for our mom, wouldn't it? And of course we promise to provide exclusive coverage of PdeA's coverage of our coverage of their coverage as soon as it happens.


Anonymous said...

so sad, do they consider themselves a serious newspaper, they are kissing government ass.

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