Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* A week into the new year, and the Elected Officials Gunned Down scoreboard stands at Mexico: 1, Failed State of Arizona: 1 - but we're awarding the FSoAZ a couple bonus points for the 11 bystanders shot as well. One of Arizona's few non-crazy politicians, Rep. Giffords actually understands Mexico. She also has a D+ rating from the NRA, which strikes us as somewhat ungracious now.

* "At a similar event in 2009, a protester was removed by police when his pistol fell on the supermarket floor." But really, it would be wrong to draw conclusions about the kind of people who live in that state.

* Reality tv-show star Sarah Palin "targeted" Giffords in the last election. You can see the sniper crosshairs over her district here. But it was all in good fun, you betcha. Must be hilarious to be one of the 19 others on the hit list. (Though not as funny as the error message we keep getting at the website. Must have taken it down for "cleaning.") Giffords's Teabagger opponent held a fundraising event where you could help remove Giffords from office by firing a fully automatic M16, the kind all Arizonans are required to carry. But really, it was just a joke. Nothing serious.

* Among the dead was Federal Judge John Roll, who recently needed 24-hour protection from the US Marshals after failing to hate on immigrants, much to the frenzied chagrin of talk radio douchebags. But again, we wouldn't want to be unfair. They were just frustrated at Obama's failure to enforce the law or something. And that Tree of Liberty does need watering.

* Meanwhile, in other Failed State of Arizona Shopping Center Shootings news this week, a suspect in Phoenix exchanged fire with police before fleeing to Mexico - well, not quite Mexico, but to Baja Fresh - where he eventually surrendered.

* Texas judge wisely decides that a non-corrupt Juárez cop has nothing to fear from the narcos, and therefore has no need for asylum.

* As they used to say in the FSoAZ back when they were the lone anti-MLK Day holdout, "No King Over Us!"

* We're pleased to see Chip Saltsman, the Republican operative who distributed a CD with wacky tunes like "Barack the Magic Negro" and "The Star Spanglish Banner" landing on his feet in the new Republican congress.

* Why must the white man move in on Mexico's apocalypse? The world will end on Dec. 21, 2012, not May 21, 2011! (Unless you're from our old neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, in which case, the world ended in 1925, 1941, 1975 and/or 1994.)

* It's early, but we'd like to nominate the Washington Post's "Mexican pro wrestlers keep drug-trafficking culture out of the lucha libre ring" as one of the Dumbest Mexico Stories of 2011. Next week: "Frida Kahlo Museum not connected to Gulf Cartel." (The pix are excellent, though.)

* The Catholic Church in Mexico clearly has no idea what Taliban means.

* It's hard to believe Mexico City is shrinking, not expanding. But if that means there'll be no more room for the organ grinders soon, that's okay by us.

* Mexican national records in track and field.

* Speaking of records, Mexico recently racked up the World's Largest Burrito, Longest Folding Screen, and Largest Attendance at a Boxing Match, which for reasons we can't quite fathom was just awarded to Don King for a fight in Mexico City 18 years ago. Mexico and its paperwork...

* Sábado Gigante host Don Francisco may have a 43-year-old bastard son. Our 43-year-old executive editor, Don Francisco Jr, may have some 'splainin' to do...

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Anonymous said...

Killing is not justifiable in any way, but seems that killing in Mexico are crime related criminal vs criminal vs justice, and in the USA is going hate related, race, religion, ideology, nationality and probably even language.