Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We've been saying for a number of years now that of all the potential hazards of visiting Mexico, by far the most dangerous is the traffic. That's not an attempt to minimize the other stuff - traffic really is insanely dangerous here. Inevitably, today, the bloodshed finally spilled over the border:

A car bumped off a highway in northern Mexico, vaulted over the border fence and came to rest 40 yards inside the United States, injuring two passengers, authorities said on Wednesday.

The sedan drove along a highway north of the border city of Tijuana in morning traffic on Tuesday, when it was shunted by another vehicle, forcing it to drop over an embankment and fall 40 feet into the United States, the U.S. Border Patrol said.

The vehicle came to rest between primary and secondary border barriers, some 40 yards inside California, San Diego Border Patrol spokesman Rodolfo Zuniga said.

Border Patrol agents and California National Guard service members provided first aid to the two Mexican passengers in their mid-twenties who suffered moderate to severe injuries. The 44-year-old driver was not injured.

Obviously, God was watching today, since the only injuries were to Mexicans. But will your child be next...?


Dave said...

Luckily they weren't shot by the border patrol.

Mexfiles said...

A couple of years back, a human cannonball launched himself across the border. True, the launching site was the State Mental Hospital in Mexicali, but still... it's not that crazy an idea.

Anonymous said...

do the border patrol shoot the passengers?, if not the did not comply with the new regulations of shooting mexicans young on sight