Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unsafe At Any Speed

The death of a two-year-old infant is a horrible tragedy, though perhaps some tiny consolation can be taken when the babe dies bundled up in its mother's arms. Unless, of course, those mother's arms happen to be sitting, unseatbelted, in the front seat of a moving vehicle as it loses control and crashes into a concrete barrier at high speed.

"With her baby in her arms, mother and son are crushed when their car loses control"

We would never be so uncharitable as to say we told you so - and really, who can say what would have happened if the baby had been in a car seat in the back? - it's worth noting that the father, who was driving, and another (presumably un-carseated) child sitting in the back seat survived in serious condition. Compared to the front passenger seat, the back looks pretty good:

Of course, while both the newspaper linked to above, and this one do mention the way the baby was traveling (the former actually plays up the Pietá-like tableau of the babe in mama's arms), neither finds it in any way remarkable or explicitly inadvisable. It's just the way people drive here. Ni modo.

Depending on the age of the surviving daughter, María Fernanda Morales Camacho, Burro Hall plans to suspend the rules and just send the Camacho family a car seat.


Anonymous said...

You can't force people to be smart, God knows you have been trying to warn them about this terrible tragedy that was bound to happen.
Maybe someone will realize it and you may save one life.
Keep trying!


rabidgandhi said...

I, for one, lay the blame squarely on Burro Hall and their lax BHCSGM programme.

Anonymous said...

Many people do have children in the front seat, because in Mexico is not mandatory, it is a shame that common sense worldwide is not present and government have to do things mandatory to avoid tragedies.

In my family case we do use the child seat on the back.

Anonymous said...

This morning here in Culiacan, I enjoyed breakfast at a taco stand. We sat by a nice lady whose tiny baby was sleeping in a car seat on the ground. She left after eating, taking the baby out of the carseat, which she then put in the trunk, and drove away with her baby tucked safely on her lap. hecf!!!