Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wrong Number(s)

Here at Burro Hall, we try to ensure that up to 50 percent of this site's content is based, however tenuously, in actual fact. But it's not easy, even for our crack research team. Case in point, today's announcement that, of the 726,472 calls to the city's 066 (i.e., 911) line, 65 percent of them were pranks. The good news, the government insists, is that this is down substantially from 2009, when the figure was 80 percent. The bad news is that it's a considerable jump up from the 20 percent figure released just 10 days ago.

Or was it 80 percent, as they said a month ago? Or 70 percent, as reported last January? We're beginning to think the number one source of prank calls in this town is government bureaucrats calling reporters to pass on official statistics. The fact that the lawman in charge of pursuing these pranksters gives his name as "Victor Hugo" should have been the first clue. "Inspector Javert" might have been too obvious.

Anyway, punking 066 is such a problem that the city made this video, which is so unspeakably awful even our own Audio/Visual Division would be ashamed to be associated with it.

Seriously, it's six and a half minutes long. Just to say, "don't make prank calls."

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