Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bicentennial Countdown Clock Count-Up: The End

An alert commenter informs us that our Bicentennial Countdown Clock Count-Up, which we'd speculated could go as high as 36,524 days, actually ended earlier this week, as the clock's decaying glass-and-stainless-steel hulk was removed (or stolen, it's not clear) after just 159 days. What remains is a far more suitable monument Mexican engineering: as two-inch high slab of easily tripped-over, ankle-breaking rubble with four sharp bolts and a cut-off bit of PVC pipe sticking up, right in the middle of a busy andador.

Monument to the Unknown Civil Engineer, Querétaro, Mexico, 2011.

Three blocks away, in Plaza Constitucion, is the Mexico 2010 Torch, a 20-foot sculpture made primarily of Christmas-tree lights and cellophane, with "Mexico 2010" carved into its plastic crown.

Today is the 55th day of 2011.

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Anonymous said...

the clock was stolen!