Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clap Louder!

Most people would consider an 88 percent drop in the number of drunken assholes running naked through the streets doing tequila shooters to be a remarkable civic achievement, but in Acapulco, it's considered very bad for business. The reason for the drop-off, according to Bloomberg, is "reports of violence," and the city fathers have responded with an Up With People!-style campaign of t-shirts, posters and fliers urging departing visitors to "Speak Well" of the city. (ACA is a play on the abbreviation for Acapulco, and the Spanish word for "here.")

Photo: David Agren

Which is, like, all well and good and stuff, but we think that the more serious problem is not "reports of violence," but rather, actual violence:

In the Guerrero state resort of Acapulco, where the Mexican Open tennis tournament is being held, police found the bodies of seven men, some mutilated, on Tuesday.

The hacked up remains of three men were found dumped in a highway tunnel that leads into Acapulco's tourist zone, state police reported. Some pieces of the bodies were missing.

Earlier, police found the bullet-ridden bodies of three men on Acapulco streets and discovered a fourth body half-buried and lacking its head.

And then, just today:

Authorities in Acapulco have found the bodies of two men and a woman in a stolen taxi, the latest victims in a wave of violence gripping the Mexican resort city.

The public security agency of Guerrero state says the bodies were found in the trunk of a sedan that was left on a major avenue late Tuesday. Gunmen had stolen the taxi from its driver a short time earlier.

Officials say one of the male victims was decapitated.

We're all in favor of local pride, and love a good bit of cheerleading as much as the next guys, but we feel an obligation to suggest to the Municpality of Acapulco that they might want to get this whole taxicab-decapitations thing under control before handing out any more fliers.

[Also, Note to Spring Breakers looking for an alternative destination in Mexico: Did we mention that a bunch of guys got killed in Querétaro last week? Horrible.]

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