Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cooler Heads

Perusing the news yesterday, we came upon this photo accompanying a story about a headless body found in in Celaya, Guanajuato, on Saturday - which turned out to be a perfect fit with a bodiless head found in a cooler not too far away. That's some ace detective work there, boys.

Reunited...and it feels so good.

But really what caught our eye was the familiar red-white-and-yellow OXXO logo. OXXO is like the 7-Eleven of Mexico. Perhaps because they're so ubiquitous - 7,000 locations nationwide - they've become to go-to supplier for all the drug cartel hitmen's severed-head-container needs. Frankly, we have no idea why they use coolers at all; the heads are almost never on ice, and it seems to us that one of the main reasons for chopping off a head is shock value - and for that, nothing beats just leaving the it out in the hot sun to be eaten by vultures, right? But day after day, there it is, the white Styrofoam cooler with the OXXO logo on it, surrounded by police tape and a team of forensic investigators. From a corporate branding standpoint, it's got to be the worst thing to happen to a company since OJ Simpson stomped through his dead wife's blood in a pair of Bruno Magli shoes, which makes us wonder why OXXO doesn't just discontinue them. Then it occurred to us: OXXO is probably just a money laundering operation for one of the cartels.

After the jump, a treasury of severed-heads-in-an-OXXO-cooler photos.

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Anonymous said...

have been pondering this about the cooler heads --
1) it's probably neater than carrying a bloody head to a public venue

2) you won't be obviously carrying a bloody head where people can see you carrying one

3) kind of black humor version of good advertising for OXXO if other groups need a styrofoam cooler to store a head inside, and maybe they'll want to buy a lot of beer, too, for afterwards. or before.