Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Crowbar Award Nominee

Many thanks to reader Margaret S. for giving us our third nominee for the Crowbar Award, honoring the best attempts by the foreign media to force a drug-trade angle into every Mexican story, no matter how awkward the fit. Margaret directs us to this "Top Gear insults Mexicans" story in the Edmonton (Canada) Journal, which some quick-thinking editor, realizing that the Journal was about to move a non-drug-related Mexico story, grabbed his crowbar and squeezed in the photograph below, with the caption "A local police car is seen with two bullet holes in Acapulco, Guerrero state, Mexico on March 10, 2010."

Nice save! Remember, you can't spell "journalistic intuition" without "I-n-u-i-t".

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was random until my daughter came up with a very plausible explanation of how it could have happened: an search of the image archives on {Mexico, car}.