Friday, February 04, 2011

The Crowbar Awards

In an effort to procrastinate just a little more this afternoon (fun fact: there's no word in Mexican for "procrastinate"!), we're inaugurating something we're calling the Crowbar Award - an annual prize intended to recognize the heroic efforts by the foreign media to force a drug-trade angle into every Mexican story, no matter how awkward the fit. The first nomination this year went to the Washington Post, for a Jan. 3 story titled "Mexican pro wrestlers keep drug-trafficking culture out of the lucha libre ring."

Today, we nominate the Houston Chronicle, for Monday's story, "Cartels have butterfly effect on Mexico's monarchs."

There’s scarcely a breeze, but the woods murmur with the flutter of fragile wings — maybe hundreds of thousands of them.

Yet bad things besiege the monarch's world. Pesticides, herbicides, lawn mowers and spreading suburbia threaten summer breeding grounds in the north. Illegal logging, unseasonable storms and deep freezes stalk this southern lair.

Now, Mexico’s most pressing scourge, gangland violence, joins the monarch’s torments...

Readers are invited (read: begged) to submit additional nominations, either in comments or via email, for the remainder of the year.

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Anonymous said...

Mexican for "procrastinate" is "ya pronto."