Monday, February 28, 2011

Dead Men Tell No Tales

We've written too much in the past about the excessive militarization (for want of an actual, serious threat) of Querétaro's public security system to even begin linking to old posts, so instead we'll link to this new one from the state's Human Rights Commission informing us that accusations of human rights violations rose 43% last year compared to 2009. The entity with the most complaints against it is the municipal police, averaging one (alleged) human rights violation every five days.

So how awesome to see the municipal police upgrading their tactical arsenal last week. Put ya gunz in tha air, muthafuckas! We wouldn't be surprised to see a marked decline in the number of people living to file complaints. Never let it be said that the police here aren't proactive.


Overkill? Well, for sake of comparison, New York City cops carry a single 9mm pistol. Of course, the municipal police here don't really need high-tech weapons to kill a guy. Why, just this weekend they apparently beat a guy to death with their bare hands while he was in custody. Unfortunately for the department, his family seems unhappy about this, so there'll probably be another complaint filed soon.

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