Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Envoy

Well now this sure is interesting. Her Majesty's former Prime Minister In Charge of Doing What America Says, Anthony "Tony" Blair, is being sent to our humble little town later this year, presumably to apologize in person for the derogatory, anti-Mexican comments made by the BBC show Top Gear.

As it happens, a top member of the Burro Hall Editorial Board is also a former vice consul of the UK consulate in NYC - we'll give all the folks who turned our TG posts' comment sections into a forum for limey-bashing a minute to compose themselves - and so we plan to offer Mr. Blair the use of our Artist-in-Residence suite for the duration of his stay. There's a curry place down the street, and, while we realize there's not a lot of competition, the best scones in Querétaro are made right here at Burro Hall. The perro may not want another lap dog in the house, but we'll just stick him in a kennel for the week.

Update: A dedicated reader who, like most of you, happens to be a member of our Executive Editor's immediate family, writes in to remind us that among our possessions currently in storage is a souvenir bottle of wine from the House of Parliament signed by Tony Blair! Man, we can hardly wait to finish off that bottle during a late night bull session with the man himself.


Anonymous said...

cool... i`ll stock up on rotten eggs to throw at the c*nt.

Burro Hall said...

Why do you bother posting anonymously, Adrian?

Anonymous said...

so exactly who will be staying in the kennel?
p.s. I am not Adrian
signed Rocky

Anonymous said...

cos it`s quicker than writing my name, innit.