Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Snub In Your General Direction

Slapfest 2011 is on, bitches!

When we last visited this saga, the nation of France was threatening the nation of Mexico with unspecified "consequences" if it didn't release Florence Cassez, a French woman sentenced to 60 years in a Mexican jail for kidnapping. Mexico held firm, and so the French foreign minister announced she would snub the upcoming festivities for the rather unfortunately-timed "Year of Mexico in France." Your move, Mexico.

The Mexican government said Monday it will not participate in France's yearlong festival celebrating Mexican culture because of a feud over a French woman convicted of kidnapping.

Ha! You can't snub our festival, Frenchie, because we're already snubbing it! And just for fun, we'll throw in Carlos Fuentes calling your president a "banana-republic dictator."

To which France responds by saying, Fuck it...the whole damn city of Toulouse is pulling out of the festival altogether!

We're sure this will continue to escalate - though once both Mexico and France have pulled out of the Year of Mexico in France, we're not sure what's left. And while it's tempting to laugh at the silliness of it (more than one person has cited Monty Python), when it comes to Mexico, France has been known to step up to the plate over sillier things than a wrongful conviction.


I Must Be Crazy To Live In Mexico said...

The French are so unsavoir-faire. I hate them. So does this guy at

Kisses on both cheeks,
Rita Gervais

bob cox said...

Was it a wrongful conviction? She was in posession of a weapon, her victims identified her. Today the parents of the victim said she should get the death penalty (Which doesnt exist in Mexico at the present).
Are these Frogs crazy???