Monday, February 14, 2011

Mascotas Perdidas

Most people in Mexico get paid on the 15th and 30th of the month, so a holiday in which there is an expectation of an expensive and romantic evening out on the 14th is a joke of such exquisite cruelty it's hard to believe the Mexicans didn't think it up themselves.

But because an animal's love is unconditional and free (unless they need their teeth cleaned, in which case you're out 800 bucks) here's the latest batch of "missing pet" fliers found around the center of Querétaro. You just might make someone's Valentine's Day the happiest ever...

Answers to Balu or Biche. Last seen near Universidad and Los Arcos.

We're not sure about naming a German Shepard "Bormman," but if you see him near Cimitario, call Jorge.

Black and brown striped kitty lost near Madero and Ezekiel Montes.

This little guy has been deaf since birth and has chronic gastritis.

We can't tell you much about this guy, except that you should boycott "Querétaro y Sus Leyendas," whose poster is covering most of the flier.

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