Friday, February 04, 2011

Note From the Engine Room

We've added a "Like This on Facebook" button at the bottom of our posts! We mention this not because we expect anyone to use it (we don't need your approbation), but to acknowledge the accomplishments of the Burro Hall IT Dept. This site is maintained by a pair of illiterate farm boys from the Sierra Gorda, and a homeless child prostitute we took in off the street a few months ago. None had ever seen a computer before, and Panchito, the youngest, still lights candles to the Virgin whenever he gets an error message. To see them working through the night, wrestling an HTML widget into place, made us wish that real life came with a "Like" button.


Anonymous said...

They are over qualified for IT work.

Burro Hall said...

Shhhhh!! The last thing I need is another round of salary negotiations with these people.