Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Online, Yet So Lifelike

We wish we could report that the Fototeca Nacional's new online catalog is as awesome as it sounds - basically the Mexican version of the Library of Congress image bank, with 900,000 photos, including the legendary Casasola archive.

Sadly, the site is exactly like any bricks-and-mortar government office here. Sluggish, indifferent, fickle, rarely producing the result you wanted and, when it does, it somehow manages to disappoint.

After a dozen different searches produced nothing but the Spinning Wheel of Death, we gave up trying to search on our own and instead clicked the "most searched" topic, the Revolution, which finally kicked up a bunch of photos, including this one of Gen. Pablo González Garza in Querétaro in 1916 (three years before he masterminded the assassination of Emiliano Zapata.) We've reproduced it here actual size, though, which is kind of a letdown. If anyone else has a better experience, let us know, and the blame will lie with Carlos Slim instead.

As if this wasn't annoying enough, we learn that the city's only Hooters has apparently been operating without any sort of license for the past two years and has therefore been shuttered before we could even visit. Alternative suggestions for this year's company Christmas party are welcom.


Anonymous said...

a city with no hooters, sad

C.M. Mayo said...

Looks like he is walking right by Maximilian's capilla on the cerra de las Campanas.

Glad to know about the archive.

Burro Hall said...

Exactly right, CMM!