Friday, February 25, 2011

Presumed Guilty

Here's something fun about living in a place where the local government exists in a constant state of red alert despite there being no appreciable security threat to speak of. Let's say someone makes an anonymous report to the police that two guys in a car are carrying firearms in the center of Querétaro. Not only will "a great portion" of the police force be dispatched find the vehicle in question - plus elements from the Crime Investigation Unit and the state Justice Dept. - but, when they find the suspects, apprehend them, search and interrogate them, only to discover that they're just a couple of businessmen in town for a meeting, with no firearms or weapons whatsoever... the local paper will still run a half-page story, complete with names and photographs, even though it's just a false alarm. Consider it a souvenir of your visit to our humble police state!

If you see these men, they should be considered unarmed and harmless.

Needless to say, our prank-call-dialing finger will be getting quite a workout this weekend.

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