Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* We used to get ourselves out of jury duty by telling the judge we'd be excellent jurors because we can spot guilty people just by looking at them. So, for what it's worth, this French chick doesn't look like a kidnapper to us. Mexico sees it differently, though, and has denied her appeal of her 60 (sixty!) year sentence. France warned Mexico that the decision will have "consequences" - and sure enough, "The French foreign minister said Friday that she plans to snub France's yearlong festival celebrating Mexican culture." Given the almost transparent thinness of Mexico's skin, that might actually work.

* "The donkey screamed and the children cried," and now, it's our sad duty to report, the donkey has died.

* We've instituted a slightly annoying and hopefully temporary comment-moderation system this week. It's not aimed at commenters hostile towards us (we get enough of that in real life that we barely even notice it here). Rather, we seem to have attracted a small but vocal group of commenters who snipe at each other under various aliases, linking back to their own blogs which seem to have been established for the sole purpose of sniping at each other even further. We love you guys, but we have no perro in your lucha. All are welcome here at Burro Hall, but no fighting in the war room, okay?

* Mexican-Americans won't be complaining about Top Gear, and not because they're too lazy to bother.

* The Failed State of Arizona, which has historically survived on handouts from the more developed states, has dragged the Federal government into court to demand that untold billions of taxpayer dollars be earmarked to protect the state's southern border from "invasion" (a Constitutional claim which rests on a vigorous re-interpretation of the Founding Fathers' original intent). We can see why Governess Brewer is so popular with the teabaggers.

* How to tell if your state is a failed state: Correspondents from the New York Times sign their dispatches "By NYT" out of fear for their personal safety. This is common with stories from Myanmar and Zimbabwe as well. (On the other hand, elected officials now feel confident enough to appear in public with only a "substantial" police escort, so things are definitely improving there.)

* It's a thin line between posses and pussies, but we still thought Seagal was great in Machete.

* We agree with Numbers USA that the potential Republican field for 2012 sucks, though probably not for the same reasons.

* Johnny "Tarzan" Weissmuller won five Olympic gold medals in swimming for the United States by lying about his status as an anchor baby.

* Mexico routs Bosnia 2-0. As we've said before, Serbia and Mexico have a lot in common.

* Semantic debates that matter: Whether the Mexican drug war is in fact a war may be debatable, but it is most certainly not an insurgency.

* Now, 1847...that was a war.

* Here's some 19th Century patriotic music from the Siege of Querétaro.

* Geo-Mexico says the gringo-inhabited areas of Mexico are relatively safe, most likely because we're all such goddamned nice people. Also, Querétaro has the McRib, which has never been more affordable.

* Kudos to the Mexfiles for catching what may be the first appearance by Diego Rivera in a Super Bowl advertisement.

* Are we wrong, or should an article titled "Why Mexico City is Chock Full of Pittsburgh Steelers Fans" actually explain why Mexico City is chock full of Pittsburgh Steelers fans?

* Midwesterner In Mexico paid their respects; Jim & Carole took us out for coffee; El Blog de Joy actually moved its headquarters to New York when they heard we were working there. But the Mija Chronicles? They visit Querétaro without so much as a, "Hi, we just wanted to drop off these homemade huitlacoche quesadillas for you." But then, in the course of a two-day visit, she manages to find a great gordita place we hadn't tried yet, so all's forgiven...this time.

* The ugly side of assimilation: influenced, perhaps, the by the KFC Double Down, Lolita's Tacos in Chula Vista, CA, offers The 2-in-1, a burrito stuffed with tacos.

* Meanwhile, Chipotle is in trouble for being a little too Mexican.

* A first-person shooter video game set in Juárez just feels, I dunno...superfluous.

* Man, there's nothing funnier than one cartel accusing another of unethical behavior.

* Mexican drub porn scores 3rd prize in the World Press Photo contest.

* Hippotherapy in Mexico - but using horses, because Mexico doesn't have hippos. (They have them in Colombia, though.)

* Not Quite an Update: It's been three months since the governor announced a super-secret American investment in Querétaro. We have yet to hear any follow up on this.

* Khloe Kardashian vows to be "bikini-ready" in time for her Mexican vacation in June. Hopefully, we haven't heard the last of the "killer waves."

* Great Moments in Copyright Infringement.


Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm back in America, being snubbed by the French!

Mexicans wearing burkas said...

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Conan The Librarian said...

La Familia horning in on Microsoft's territory? Priceless.

What's Gates gonna do ... start dumping bodies with the MS logo on them?


Lesley said...

I know, I suck. It was truly a last-minute trip... we decided the night before that we were going. Next time I'll drop you a line! And the same goes for you, next time you're in DF.

Burro Hall said...

I'm pulling up in front of your apartment