Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Massacre?

One final Valentine's item: as of yesterday, the unofficial 2011 Drug War Body Count stood at 963.

Thirty-seven dead would be a busy day, but since the total for the 12th was 40, it's definitely doable. In which case, we'll hit murder #1,000 on Valentine's Day - "El Día de Amor y Amistad"! How adorably ironic is that?
Update: 1,008! Congratulations, you hopeless romantics, you!


Italian Writer said...

Ironic and terrifying!

John said...

Really..REALLY like your Blog. It has been a daily read for us for the last three months. ...pero,

pero, donde es su fuente de los estadisticas. No puedo encontrar nada sobre el internet...con el exception de esta sitio.

y por supuesto es solo para Ciudad Juarez.

Thanks for a great daily read.

Burro Hall said...

So it took you THREE DAYS to comment on this "daily read"? You lying swine!!

Just kidding. This number - which is waaay unofficial, comes from a daily tally that El Universal has been running the last few years. You can usually find it in the A or C section of the paper.

See this post for the last few years' "1,000 Days" mileston.

John said...

Thanks. We'll check it out.

Your faithful (most of the time) Canadian readers. (Yah that place up north with white stuff made out of water)