Thursday, February 10, 2011

Worth Their Weight in Querétaro Gold

We're constantly hearing from the authorities here that, no matter what bit of occasional weirdness may happen, there are no narcos operating in Querétaro. Presumably, then, these guys were holding 725 pounds of dope for their own personal consumption.

If the PGJ follows the usual procedures, they'll burn it all in a big bonfire (they love burning contraband here - they even did it with fireworks recently, which struck us as particularly unwise). We'll keep on top of this story, and as soon as we have the location and figure out the wind patterns, we'll invite all our loyal readers over for a cookout.


Art said...

can one volunteer to burn a bit of it?

Burro Hall said...

I think that was the original plan before they got busted.

Dave said...

I'm guessing that considering the disposal method you won't be serving brownies for dessert...but who cares?