Sunday, March 27, 2011

And On the 91st Day of Christmas...

...Correos de Mexico delivered to us what we think is the last Christmas card of 2010, which was postmarked from London on December 18.

What's amazing to us is not that it took more than twice as long as Christopher Columbus to cross the Atlantic, but that it took an entire week to travel from the La Cruz post office, where it arrived on March 18, to our offices - a distance (marked here in yellow) of probably 700 yards. Seriously, if not for a couple of tall-ish buildings in between, we could see the post office from our roof.

This is the reason why we never tip on Mailman's Day, and probably also the inevitable result of that decision.


Anonymous said...

And help us with this:

Anonymous said...

Not even us mexicans use the mexican postal service because we find it too slow. It's that slow.

Everyone tips the mailman though; they teach us in school that they as as important to the revolution as the congressmen and the members of the teachers union.